Github interesting facts


What is github ?

GitHub is the best platform for sharing code with colleagues, classmates, friends and complete strangers 

The GitHub is written in Ruby on Rails and Erlang programming language by its cofounders. 

Github Developed

Github SWD annual sallery

the estimated median salary is $137,633, or $66 per hour.

Github Benefits

GitHub contains powerful versioning software so that it can handle branching and merging easily. 

Github Revenue

Github is making around $200 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. About half of it comes from business.

github users

Github users have merged more than 100 million pull request, and over 69 million issues were closed as of 2017. 

Most Used Programming Language

Million of open source projects on GitHub are written in 337 programming languages, of which JavaScript is most popular. 

Hacker Attacks

Fill in some textGitHub was also affected by DDOS attack (targeting user content) on 26th March 2015, which lasted for around 5 days. 

Funding Github

In the first round of funding (July 2012) GitHub raised $100 million. 3 years later, in the second round it raised $250 million. 

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