DEA warns of 'rainbow fentanyl' used to target young children 

“Rainbow” fentanyl was found for the first time in southern Minnesota during an execution of a search warrant last week.

HAYS COUNTY, Texas - Colorful versions of fentanyl, "multi-colored" or "rainbow" fentanyl, have recently appeared in the illicit drug market.  

The DEA has seized rainbow-colored fentanyl pills in at least 18 states. 

Law enforcement agencies, including the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), have issued alerts after recent suspected overdoses and deaths involving fentanyl in children in Hay County .

“These pills are extremely dangerous no matter what color they are, and they can easily kill several people with just one pill,” 

Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force Lt. Jeff Wersal said. “They were at his apartment. We’re still working on trying to find out where they came from.”

The DEA warned the public in late August of multi-colored fentanyl pills that are being targeted for younger demographics because of the coloring. 

As of August 26, 2022, this year, 157 fentanyl overdose deaths in teens. 

Fentanyl pill dosages are unpredictable, posing dangerous and deadly risks to those who take them.